All types of notarial services in Almaty

State License No.13015658 issued on August 10, 2013 by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

All types of notarial services in Almaty

State License No.13015658 issued on August 10, 2013 by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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About Me

Gulnaz Kuanyshovna Dabyssova

I have been working as a notary in Almaty since 2013. I carry out all types of notarial actions, including rare ones, such as provision of evidence (inspection of Internet pages and e-mail), performance of executive inscription (on loan contracts, service contracts, goods/equipment supply contracts), acceptance of funds and securities into deposit, protest of bill of exchange.
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Power of Attorney and consent
Power of Attorney on behalf of natural and legal entities:

  • Power of Attorney for the right to use and/or dispose of property
  • Power of Attorney for use and/or driving of vehicles
  • Power of Attorney to use and/or dispose of deposit and other accounts
  • Power of Attorney for property management
  • Power of Attorney for vehicle driving
  • Power of Attorney for deposit and other accounts management
  • Power of Attorney to accompany a child/children abroad or within the territory of the RK
  • Power of Attorney for development of real estate documents
  • Power of Attorney for formalization and receiving a pension
  • Power of Attorney to register a citizen
  • Power of Attorney for visa obtainment
  • Power of Attorney to represent interests in state, law enforcement and other authorities
  • Power of Attorney for succession case management
  • Power of Attorney for sale/donation of real estate/vehicles
  • Power of Attorney for civil, criminal, administrative cases management
  • Other Powers of Attorney provided by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan


  • Spouse consent to the purchase/sale of real estate/vehicle
  • Consent of one parent to the child's travel abroad, to the child's accompanying, travel or flight, including without travel abroad
  • Consent to travel abroad for permanent residency
  • Consent to withdraw from citizenship
  • Consent to the adoption of a child by a parent
  • Consent to the pledge of property
  • Consent to the share acceptance
  • Consent to the provision of real estate with a legal address
  • Consent to a temporary/permanent residence permit
  • Consent of the spouses to the marriage dissolution
  • Other consents, refusal from rights, obligations
Real estate transactions
  • Housing mortgage loan contract
  • Contract of purchase and sale, donation, exchange of real estate
  • Contract for rent of apartment/property
  • Registration (purchase/sale/donation) of the apartment share
  • Rent contract
  • Pledge contract
  • Real estate gift contract with a dependent
  • Contract on alienation of shares in common ownership (purchase and sale, donation, exchange, etc.), including to the co-owner
  • Sale of land lots share
  • Sale of immovable property belonging to a minor/partially incapacitated person
Corporate transactions
  • Contract of purchase and sale, donation of a share or part of a share in the partnership's charter capital
  • Pre-emptive right
  • Contract on pledge of a share or part of a share in the partnership's charter capital
  • Other transactions with shares in the partnership's charter capital

Law of succession and will
  • Issuance of a certificate of the right to inheritance under the law and under the will to the children, including adopted children, spouse, parents, full-blood brothers and sisters of the testator to cash deposits, funds in bank accounts, rights under closed accounts to un-received pensions, benefits
  • Taking of measures to protect inherited property
  • Issuance of a certificate of right to inherit by law and by will to other heirs
  • Issuance of a certificate of ownership of the share in the common property of the spouses issued to the surviving spouse
  • Will with an assignment
  • Will with management of a will
  • Wills with the presence of an heir
  • Wills with the secret will
  • Will with a witness
Marriage and family
  • Agreement of marriage
  • Agreement on the procedure for raising a child/children
  • Determination of the child's residence
  • Agreement on the procedure of parental rights
  • Agreement on payment of alimony by grandparents
  • Parental maintenance agreement
  • Agreement on division of joint property acquired by the spouses during the marriage
Executive inscription
  • Executive inscription on performance of an obligation based on the notarial transaction
  • Executive inscription on performance of an obligation based on a written transaction, the term of which has come and the failure to perform the obligation is recognized by the debtor, including in response to a claim sent to the claimant in pre-trial settlement of the dispute
  • Executive inscription on performance of an obligation based on the protest of the bill of exchange in default, non-acceptance and notarization of the acceptance made by a notary.
  • Executive inscription on reclamation of the leasing object in accordance with the leasing agreement or laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Executive inscription on foreclosure of collateral upon expiry of the term of repayment of the loan provided by the pawnshop to the pledging debtor
  • Executive inscription on debt collection from owners of premises (apartments) evading from participation in mandatory expenses for maintenance of the common property of the condominium approved by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan - On Housing Relations, except requirements on collection of additional expenses
  • Executive inscription on debt collection on the basis of public contracts for actually consumed services (electricity, gas, heat, water supply, etc.), as well as other contracts for services according to the established tariffs, the payment term of which has come to
  • Executive inscription on collection of rent payments due to failure to pay them within the period specified in the lease contract
  • Executive inscription on collection of accrued but unpaid salary and other payments to the employee
  • Executive inscription for apartment/premise rental
Evidence support
  • Providing the evidence posted on the Internet by a notary
  • Protocol of site survey by a notary
  • Whats App correspondence inspection protocol, notary recording audio
Other contracts and agreements
  • Residential or non-residential lease contract
  • Loan contract, the subject of which is exposed to valuation, depending on the transaction amount
  • Free of charge contract for residential or non-residential premise
  • Agreement on amendment or termination of any notarized contract
  • Share Determination (Share Sharing) agreement
  • Agreement on amendment or termination of previously concluded contracts
  • Surrogate motherhood contract
  • Contract of exchange
  • Surety and guarantee contract
  • Other contracts and agreements provided by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Other notarial actions
  • Certificate of attestation of the fact that a citizen is alive
  • Certificate of presence of a citizen in a certain place
  • Certificate of the identity of the citizen with the person shown on the photo card
  • Certificate of documents transfer
  • Certifying the authenticity of the signature
  • Certifying a copy from the authenticity of the document
  • Certifying of translation from one language to another
  • Document certification for Apostille
  • Certifying signatures on bank documents
  • Certificate of storage of documents and securities
  • Guarantee obligations and surety
  • Other documents permitted by law of the Republic of Kazakhstan
I work with:
State institutions
Local and foreign organizations
Joint Stock Companies
Questions and answers
Is tax paid on the sale/donation of the apartment/house?
Tax on the sale of the apartment/house is only payable if:

  • you have owned the apartment/house for less than a year
  • you added an extension or squared up less than a year ago.
The right of ownership to the house becomes effective immediately after its state registration.

No donation taxes are foreseen, as it is a gratuitous transaction.
    Why it is required to certify the loan contract with the notary, isn't a receipt enough?
    Formally, a notarization is not mandatory, but both parties need it. Notarization is the best way to prove the transaction and provide that obligations are met. A certified loan significantly reduces the risk of non-repayment and simplifies the collection process.
      Are debts and property inherited together?
      According to the article 1040 of the Civil Code of the RK, the inheritance includes property belonging to the testator, as well as rights and obligations, the existence of which does not cease with his death.

      The heirs do NOT pay for the deceased relative:

      • alimony
      • damage for injury to life and health of third parties
      Otherwise, heirs are liable for the debts of the testator. They include:
      • credits
      • loans
      • contracts on purchase of any property
      • other debts
      This includes the principal amount, as well as interest, penalties and fines accrued on the date of death of the testator.

      Is it possible to develop an alimony agreement between former spouses by power of attorney?
      No, the alimony agreement refers to the type of transactions that can only be concluded in person. In order to develop the agreement, it is required to contact a notary. The consent states as follows:

      • amount payable
      • payment frequency
      • collection method in case of non-payment
      • document validity period
      • liability measures for non-performance of the agreement conditions

      It is possible to conclude an agreement only by mutual consent of the parties. In case of some disagreements it is required to resolve the issue of alimony in court.

      Alimony agreement is concluded in case of agreement to support other family members. For example, incapacitated parents.

      Who shall pay the notary expenses when purchasing or selling an apartment - the buyer or the seller? Who registers this contract with the state authority?
      The buyer and the seller of the apartment share the notary expenses on contractual conditions. Most of all, both parties pay half of the total.

      If the contract of purchase and sale is concluded in the presence of a notary, he immediately certifies the document and submits it for registration to the registration authority through unified notary information system.
      What is an executive inscription?
      Executive inscription - notary's order to collect money from the debtor in favor of the claimant or claim the movable property. It is a legal instrument for rapid extrajudicial settlement of claims. The executive inscription is made by the notary on the debt document (e.g. loan agreement).
      Can a previously issued will be changed?
      In accordance with the article 1053 of the Civil Code, the testator may at any time cancel or amend the conditions of his or her will. For this purpose, it is necessary to submit an application for the cancellation or amendment of the document to a notary office and develop a new will. Important note! After cancellation or amendment, the original will cannot be restored.
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